life in a small town

I hated living in a small town, even though Amarillo has 170,000 people. My husband is from an even smaller town, White Deer, population dwindling, but now I think it has less than 1,200 ppl. However, I have a whole new appreciation for the life and the people that choose to live there. Clay, Jen and I attended the White Deer rodeo this weekend, and it was soooo fun! The cutest little cowboys and people you have ever seen. I guess I was seeing the town through new eyes since Jen had never been there before, and she is a city girl. I guess  because I was a “visitor” I could ask anyone anything. I learned all about bull riding buckles and horses from some youngins. We caused a traffic jam on Main St, 3 cars got backed up, we caused a commotion at Allsups because we wanted to take pics of the chimichangas and we rescued a frog from the dance floor. I met horses and bulls and bull riders, and rode down a huge metal slide and sat underneath the country stars (and got chiggers). They have different priorities, where just “visiting” is how you want to spend your day, and gossiping at the bank with a cup of coffee is how you spend your morning. It is not for me, but I am glad there are still some parts of this world that stay simple, and pure, and so damned cute. Small town life does have its charm, but I just don’t want to live there.


The Art of Manliness

I don’t know if it is just because I have recently discovered AMC’s Mad Men, or my new fascination with all things 60’s, but here are 2 great websites that I discovered, well Clay discovered one so I should give him credit. The first is all about rediscovering what it is to be a man, and a gentleman. Someone who takes pride in how he dresses, knows how to smoke a pipe and wear a hat, and how to throw a punch. It is great, check it out. It’s a good way to waste a couple of hours

The second website is a blog from a man who is observing how our culture is losing traditional standards of decorum and sensible behavior. Words that your grandpa no doubt would have told you. Listen up generation Y’ers, and take some of this advice. A few of my favorites from the blog.

434. A suntan is earned, never bought- you hear that guidos!

429. All guns are loaded

425. A man only gets a couple chances a year to wear velvet. New Year’s Eve is one- Awesome!

416. When meeting people out, don’t suggest the bar or restaurant closest to your apartment

414. Try writing your own eulogy. Never stop revising- I love this one!

Stay young and healthy!

This month’s Self magazine (which I love) had another great article about secrets to staying young and healthy. I thought I would post some of the top things every woman/man needs to do to have a healthy and happy life. All of these tips are easy things everyone can do and should know about their bodies anyway in order the live the most fulfilling life possible.

Exercise at least 2.5 hours a week– that’s only 30 minutes, 5 days a week. And scrubbing your house and dancing in the living room counts as exercise people!

Waist circumference needs to be less than 35 inches– this is VERY important. Measure it right now, if it is over 35, start doing some cardio! Also eating things like avocados and yogurt can help shrink bloat and tummy fat.

Cholesterol level needs to be less that 200/mg– if you don’t know what your cholesterol levels are, go donate some blood. They will test it, and you could also be saving someone’s life. A Win Win.

Eat at least 25g of fiber a day– whole grains (breads, rice, whole grain pasta), fruits, veggies, legumes all have great sources of fiber- but watch out for the sugar and salt contents on some prepackaged foods.

Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night

Get a pet!- it is reported that cat owners have a 40% lower risk of dying from a heart attack than non-owners. Pets help with loneliness, depression and walking a dog is great exercise!

Take antioxidant supplements

Wear a seatbelt- every time you get into the car

Limit sodium to less than 2500/mg a day

No more than 50g of sugar a day (which is about 200 calories worth)- most American consumer 25 teaspoons a day (eww!) by drinking sodas, fruit juices, etc. It doesn’t matter if it is natural sugar, sweet n low or high fructose corn syrup, read the labels and monitor how much sugar you are ingesting.

Limit alcohol to no more than 1 a day– and no that doesn’t mean saving it all for the end of the week and drinking 2 bottles of wine. Yes moderate alcohol intake has been shown to lower heart disease, but too much has been linked to breast cancer. Everything in moderation!

Don’t smoke– duh!

That’s it! See it is not that hard to get/stay healthy. Just do something.


For all of you Twilight haters out there, and my husband is one of the biggest, I have fallen victim and read the Twilight series, all 4 of them, in less than 7 days.  As I know a few of those 85 million people who have read them as well, those that admit it or not, this is what I have to say about the much debated series.  I was addicted after the first chapter.  Like I couldn’t put it down for 4 days.  It involves a great romance, and happens to be about Stephenie Meyer’s version of werewolves and vampires. Yes some of it is lame, and the story is pretty predictable. Happily ever after, nobody dies, vampires forever, blah, blah. But, I don’t care, it was a great story whose sole purpose is to entertain, and it accomplished that mission. I am a fan, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s a story!

Now there are some people that do lose their sh&t over the saga, but I am not a TwiHard.   I am not obsessed with Robert Patinson, I never had any desire to watch the movies and I won’t choose between Team Jacob and Team Edward. BTW- those people who are these crazy fans, who are biting their girlfriends like vampires, or the “Wolf Pack” in Texas (for those of you that don’t know, they are a bunch of teenagers who dress up like werewolves and call themselves the Wolf Pack-wow), those people are just looking to belong somewhere. And as they grow older, they will find themselves and their place in this world. It’s a little freaky, but whatever.  Kids these days…

Just be glad we are reading!  I really enjoyed the series and I am glad I read them- even though I think my husband, dogs and house suffered for a week while I was stuck in a book.  Although I think they were okay that I was so preoccupied, it was like their own vacation. I am proud to say I have read it and I loved it!  Now I have to watch the movies .

Janet Lynn

So we got back from California last week where we spread my Mom’s ashes. It was a great trip, albeit exhausting. We had great weather, great food and great people. It was the first time since 1994 that my Mom’s whole side of the family had all been together, and unfortunately it was for another funeral. But we shared and laughed and made some great memories. My Mom is now floating somewhere in the Pacific, well most of her anyways. I kept some of her to take to different places I thought she would love. But for those of you that are interested, here is My mom’s life, on DVD. (Just copy and paste this  link)

Don’t worry, it’s not too sad, but I spend a lot of time on it dammit!

A Good Person

I just figured it out!  What I want to accomplish out of my life!  I of course have my life list, stuff I want to do, travel, etc. But I want people to think of me and say that I am A Good Person. I try to be kind, funny, empathetic, I always try to remember EVERYONE’S bday, be honest, but not the point where I would intentionally hurt someone’s feelings. Some people get that wrong about me; I am very direct and usually tell people things the way I see it, or other friends gossip about. If I have said it, it has been to your face. I want to be known as thoughtful, trustworthy and a good friend. That is all I really what I want my life to mean when it ends.

Tomorrow I head to California to spread my Mom’s ashes. I don’t think I will be too sad on this trip, because I really have dealt with my Mom’s passing in an honest , therapeutic way. I have many things prepared for her (scrapbook, “eulogy” and a memorial DVD of her life), although we aren’t doing anything formal. This is only one part of a family trip that was long overdue. I think we are going to have about 20 people from my Mom’s family, which is, everyone. Unfortunately, if it wasn’t for my Mom’s death, I don’t think we would ever have all come together like this.  My brother who I haven’t seen in almost 2 yrs is flying in from Hawaii and I am really excited to just be with him. Spend quality time with people I have often taken for granted. And I am looking at this trip as a great summer vacation too that I am lucky to go on. We are going to go to the Wild Animal Park, I plan on sea kayaking and eating my weight in delish California fare. I told my Mema all I want out of this trip is to get tan, and get fat (man I love food)

So to wrap it up,  as we put my Mom to rest and remember her life, I want people to remember me as,  A Good Person. I gotta get back to my vacation, have a good week everyone!

what did I do?! :)

Here is a pic for you. I was making ruebens in the oven last night, and had taken them out to flip, placing them on my red cutting board. Well, I guess when I grabbed the cookie sheet to return it to the oven, the cutting board was stuck to the bottom. yeah..It looks like I murdered my oven! Mom would be so proud 🙂