Another year

To me, New Year’s shouldn’t be about some big party, which is never as great as our expectations, or starting a new diet so you can lose 10 pounds. It is a new beginning, a new year, but now I feel that it is more of a new chance for happiness.  I for one resolve to spend more of my day doing things that make me truly happy. To do the things that feel right to me, that bring me joy.  For me this includes exercise, food, laughing, travel, writing and giving.

My tinybuddha puts it really well

Resolutions fail because they don’t emerge from true breakthroughs—they’re calendar-driven obligations; and they often address the symptoms, not the cause of our unhappiness.

You can read the rest of this article here, I just love them

Anwyay, minimize those negative parts of your life- Not talking to your downer friend every week-She will still have her problems in 7 days. Not having enough time to work out or read a book-Make time. Not spending enough time with people you truly care about. Skype J

I am starting this year with a fresh perspective. No old nail polish, fresh haircut and contacts and looking forward to more chances for happiness.  Happy New Year!



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