life in a small town

I hated living in a small town, even though Amarillo has 170,000 people. My husband is from an even smaller town, White Deer, population dwindling, but now I think it has less than 1,200 ppl. However, I have a whole new appreciation for the life and the people that choose to live there. Clay, Jen and I attended the White Deer rodeo this weekend, and it was soooo fun! The cutest little cowboys and people you have ever seen. I guess I was seeing the town through new eyes since Jen had never been there before, and she is a city girl. I guess  because I was a “visitor” I could ask anyone anything. I learned all about bull riding buckles and horses from some youngins. We caused a traffic jam on Main St, 3 cars got backed up, we caused a commotion at Allsups because we wanted to take pics of the chimichangas and we rescued a frog from the dance floor. I met horses and bulls and bull riders, and rode down a huge metal slide and sat underneath the country stars (and got chiggers). They have different priorities, where just “visiting” is how you want to spend your day, and gossiping at the bank with a cup of coffee is how you spend your morning. It is not for me, but I am glad there are still some parts of this world that stay simple, and pure, and so damned cute. Small town life does have its charm, but I just don’t want to live there.


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