A Good Person

I just figured it out!  What I want to accomplish out of my life!  I of course have my life list, stuff I want to do, travel, etc. But I want people to think of me and say that I am A Good Person. I try to be kind, funny, empathetic, I always try to remember EVERYONE’S bday, be honest, but not the point where I would intentionally hurt someone’s feelings. Some people get that wrong about me; I am very direct and usually tell people things the way I see it, or other friends gossip about. If I have said it, it has been to your face. I want to be known as thoughtful, trustworthy and a good friend. That is all I really what I want my life to mean when it ends.

Tomorrow I head to California to spread my Mom’s ashes. I don’t think I will be too sad on this trip, because I really have dealt with my Mom’s passing in an honest , therapeutic way. I have many things prepared for her (scrapbook, “eulogy” and a memorial DVD of her life), although we aren’t doing anything formal. This is only one part of a family trip that was long overdue. I think we are going to have about 20 people from my Mom’s family, which is, everyone. Unfortunately, if it wasn’t for my Mom’s death, I don’t think we would ever have all come together like this.  My brother who I haven’t seen in almost 2 yrs is flying in from Hawaii and I am really excited to just be with him. Spend quality time with people I have often taken for granted. And I am looking at this trip as a great summer vacation too that I am lucky to go on. We are going to go to the Wild Animal Park, I plan on sea kayaking and eating my weight in delish California fare. I told my Mema all I want out of this trip is to get tan, and get fat (man I love food)

So to wrap it up,  as we put my Mom to rest and remember her life, I want people to remember me as,  A Good Person. I gotta get back to my vacation, have a good week everyone!


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  1. Posted by Darla on June 30, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Loved reading this post and am looking forward to hearing about your trip. You are a good person and I know that your mom would be very proud of you . We feel very blessed that you are a part of our family and love you very much.


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